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My passion is to create highly engaging digital experiences that anyone would love to use. As a Silicon Valley professional, I've created and enriched platforms that tens of millions of people use everyday.

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As a Santa Cruz native, I grew up with Silicon Valley just over the hill. My hometown's laid-back beach culture has always been a deep part of my identity.

As a contrast, my education and my professional background both lend to my relentless drive to take projects — both big and small — to the next-level. My gravitation to being a high-output, high-performer in the tech landscape is an exciting driving force.


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苹果网络加速器下载 15 Years
UI Design 6 Years
Product Strategy 3 Years


My experience here touches a broad spectrum — from HTML5 / CSS3 to JavaScript and from PHP to MySQL.


My creative skill-set is responsive to any audience. My tools of choice range from Photoshop and Illustrator to Sketch.


My keen eye for analysis-based strategy can help any product hit metrics that achieve stronger returns.


Driven to return exceptionally high value results — consistently.


Recent roles


Nettopolis [Exploration Interface], 苹果好用的免费加速器 [Giant News Aggregation Engine].

Consultant   苹果免费加速软件

Freelance Web Developer / UI Designer / Product Strategist.


Attended a Top 3 university on a full-ride scholarship

The University of Chicago   2005 - 2009

Started a successful, accredited, student-run investment club.

Fun fact: I lived next to Barack Obama and was a reseach assistant for Austin Goolsbee, a Chief Economist within the Obama Administration.

Bachelor of Arts   Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology

Maintained a GPA over 3.7 (cumulative).

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— Swami Sivananda


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4526, 101 Cooper St, Santa Cruz, CA


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